Working area


  • Production of cast- iron (grey cast-iron and ductile cast-iron): Using intermediate frequency electric furnace, the production capacity of the company is around 400-500 tons/month with EN, DIN, ISO, JIS, and ASTM standards. Main products: manhole covers; gully grates; two-way and four-way for underground link boxes; counterweight for elevator and ship; underground box for telecommunications; BBQ grill; cast iron fence; pipe sleeve with all sizes; park bench; lamp pole and many other products required by customers.
  • Production of steel, alloy, steel and materials for the steel mill, iron, copper, cement production.. and the orders of the customers
  • Sale of steel: 
    • Steel building source of all major steel mill in the country such as Hoa Phat Steel, Kyoei, Pomina, Southern, Thai Nguyen Steel (TISCO); Viet Y Steel (VIS), etc.
    • Source sections: H, I, U, V, shape have origin from domestic and abroad such as Japan, Korea, China, Southeast Asia, etc.
  • Sales of gasoline: Gasoline 95 RON, RON 92; Do 0.05s. Do 0.25s; Fuel; FO No2B (3,5S); Civil lubricants; Industrial lubricants; Lubricants; preservatives, etc.
  • Transportation services: Dedicated Transport, Cato cranes, self-propelled cranes, excavators, bulldozers which are always ready to meet the needs of shipping products and cargo traffic for the entire distribution network of company products to the construction site as well as meet the needs goods transport at the request of the customers on a national scale.
  • Workshops, warehouse for lease: The area of the factories, warehouses, and yards are more than 2000 m2 flat, the company meets the needs of the customers wishing to rent office space, warehouses, stalls, parking lots and many other convenient services.