Manhole cover with six covers

Product code: NHG-17

This product is produced according to the ISO9001-2015 and BS EN124 standards.

Product details

Loads about 40 tons, 6- covers

Dimensions (length×width×height):

- Inside dimensions: 2550x750x120 (mm).

- Outside dimensions: 2415x950x120 (mm)


·        Triangular covers have hinges.

·        The opening of the cover is 105º.

·         Safe opening position: at 90º.

·        Lifting power < 300N

·        The covers are designed in order


 • Cast seamless without any mechanical processing.

• With hook straps for extra convenience in installation.

Safe Lock:

• safe lock.

• horizontal lock, dedicated key.

The product is designed according to the European EN -124 standard.

The surface is painted with bitumen and designed with  anti-slip class

The products have hinges and anti-theft screws.

The European standard specifies the technical requirements for designing and testing methods to the manholes cover and grating cover. They are used in areas which only for vehicles and pedestrian. Depending on the design loading and the place of installation, they are divided into six classes such as A, B, C, D, E, and F.

- Group 1: Class A, loading capacity >= 15Kn ~ 1,5 tons. 

Areas where only passed by Pedestrians and Bicycles.

- Group 2: Class B, loading capacity >= 125Kn ~ 12,5 tons. 

Footways, parking or similar areas.

- Group 3: Class C, loading capacity >= 250Kn ~ 25 tons. 

The edge combinative area of vehicle road and the pavement.

- Group 4: Class D, loading capacity >= 400Kn ~ 40 tons.  Vehicle area and urban arterial road.

- Group 5: Class E, loading capacity >= 600Kn ~ 60 tons. Shipping port and parking apron area.

- Group 6: Class F, loading capacity >= 900Kn ~ 90 tons. Airplane taxiway and huge dock.

Material: cast iron

Surface Treatment: The products are processed dry and clean of dust, can be painted at the request.