Manhole cover with two covers

Product code: NHG-15

Manhole cover ( two covers) is produced according to the ISO9001-2015 and BS EN124standards.

Product details

Loads about 40 tons

Dimensions (length×width×height):

- inside dimensions: 527x884x80 mm.

- outside dimensions: 647x1004x80 mm


· Triangular covers have hinges.

· The opening of the cover is 105º.

· Safe opening position: 90-degree.

· Lifting power

· The covers are designed in order.

  Frame :

• Cast/ find seamless without mechanical processing.

• Withhookstraps, convenient for installation.

• Held by cement.


Safe Lock:

•Professional safety lock.

• Horizontal locks and special shaped key.

The product is made to meet the requirements of the EN-124 European standard.
Its surface is painted with the black color and is covered by anti-slip.

The product is designed with a hinge and screws.

 European standard specifies the technical requirements for designing and testing methods to the manholes cover and grating. They are used in vehicles and pedestrian zones.Depending on the loading and the place of the installation, they are divided into six classes such as A, B, C, D, E and F.

-Group 1:Class A, loading capacity >= 15Kn ~ 1,5 tons. 

Used in areas for pedestrians and pedal cyclists

-Group 2: Class B, loading capacity >= 125Kn ~ 12,5 tons. 

Used in footways, pedestrian areas and comparable areas, car park or car parking decks.

-Group 3: Class C,loading capacity >= 250Kn ~ 25 tons. 

For gully tops installed in the area curb side channels of roads which when measured from the curb edge, extend a maximum of 0.5m into the carriageway and a maximum of 0.2m into the footway.

-Group 4: Class D,loading capacity >= 400Kn ~ 40 tons.  Carriageway of roads, hard shoulder, and parking areas, for all types of road vehicles.

-Group 5: Class E,loading capacity >= 600Kn ~ 60 tons.For areas imposing particularly high wheel loads, eg.docks, aircraft pavements.

-Group 6: Class F,loading capacity >= 900Kn ~ 90 tons.For areas imposing particularly high-wheel loads, eg. aircraft runways.

Material: gray cast iron, ductile cast iron

Surface Treatment: The products are processed dry and clean of dust, can be painted at the request.